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About the types of health insurance

They are divided into two major types

  • Indemnity health insurance; it simply reimburses individual payment according to the agreed terms of the cover. It also covers hundred percent of your costs, which is one, form of indemnity health insurance.
  • Managed care cover; it uses a network of physicians to provide care and keeps the cost low. Hence enabling our clients to access their health covers at flexible rates and time.

Advantages of health insurance

Members of health insurance get to enjoy the wellness and healthy discounts. We also offer you the opportunity to maintain and improve individual’s health by providing a cheap way of attending medical visits and purchasing affordable prescribed medication if needed. We provide to our individuals peace of mind knowing that they can be able to get access to medical care and be able to live with no worries or fears. If our member falls ill or injured seriously, our health insurance plan will cover the emergency and the surgery bills too.

Disadvantages of health insurance

In every life experience, there are always pros and cons. same case applies to the health insurance. In some instances you may apply and be denied the insurance due to various reasons. High premium rates of individual health cover can make the insurance unaffordable and high deductable amounts as per the cover. Some of the less expensive cover plans have limitations on visits. Thus we advice our member to go for the more expensive policy in order for them to enjoy the full benefits of health insurance and also avoid future embarrassment due to negligence.

Why need health insurance

Most of the times when visiting our physicians we tend to lose thousands of money during those visits but with health insurance, you get to save more and get medical attention with no worries. This also reduces the trips to emergency rooms that further increase the cost of medical treatment. Health insurance cover has unique features, which are

  • There is no paperwork needed when acquiring the health insurance cover since it only takes few minutes.
  • One can be able to avail treatment in any part of the world as long as his our member.
  • Provision of daily allowance and cashless treatment.
  • Auto recharge of your policy sum if exhausted.
  • Annual Regular checkups for insured members.

Why Plan for health needs

Health insurance not only provides for financial aid in the event of untimely illness or accident but also acts as a long-term investment. Our members can meet their goals for their children health care and their health as well. Planning for health insurance protects an individual against future rising health expenses that might occur due to escalating lifestyle diseases or increasingly medical cost. By planning your health insurance, it provides attractive tax benefits for both at the time of entry and exit./p>

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